Talla, ranking no.6 of the german dj charts and since april 20th proud owner of an “Honour Badge” awarded by the city of Frankfurt, has joined Robert Burian once more, for the newest Addicted to Trance release.

“Pro Life” describes this release perfectly and promises a true musical for life.

A drifting and dynamic drive, thats the Club Mix. Its a fast and danceable mix, like all their remixes and at the same time its very relaxing with a discreet and celestial break. The little melody is sweetened with piano sounds in the last third of the track.

The Tempo Giusto Remix is the dandiest between the three remixes. It consist of just as much dynamic and drive as the other two versions but is surrounded with a more reduced, noble and finer steam-cloud. The break will surprises you with a very effective old school sequence and guarantees instant goose bumps.

The dreamers will get their satisfaction with the Akira Kayosa Remix. It sweeps you off to a trip to paradise.

Link zu “Pro Life” bei iTunes

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  1. John says:

    Pro-Life in what sense?

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