Neal Scarborough – 7 hot questions

Neal Scarborough is the man who produced the big clubhit Inertia – “The Chamber” together with John O’Callaghan in 2005. This track was hammered by Armin van Buuren and all the big DJs. But also with his very own productions, for example a great remake of the classic “Madagascar”, the Irishman has shown his production skills to the world. Before his first gig at Technoclub Frankfurt we asked this uplifting wizard 7 hot question.

Interview: Miles Schmidt-Scheuber / René Schwarz

Technoclub: This is your first time playing at Technoclub Frankfurt. What do you know about this legendary club and how excited are you to be playing here?

Neal Scarborough: I am extremely excited to be playing at such an illustrious club night. I have heard so many great reports from fellow DJs about the Technoclub. To finally get a chance to play is an honour.

Technoclub: Technoclub was started by Talla 2XLC in 1984. When was the first time you remember hearing about him and what makes him so unique to the EDM scene?

Neal Scarborough: The first time I heard of Talla 2XLC was when I picked up his record “Can You Feel The Silence”. It was a regular track for weeks on my then radio show “The Late Night Trance Selection” on a Dublin pirate radio station called Club FM. The longevity and enthusiasm he has is a credit to him and an example to rest of us.

Technoclub: What can we expect from your DJ set? Will we hear mainly new material or also some old Inertia classics?

Neal Scarborough: What I play on the night will depend on what vibe I am getting from the dancefloor. I will have some of my own new material and I do like to drop an Inertia classic from time to time 😉

Technoclub: What Neal Scarborough productions can we expect in the future?

Neal Scarborough: My new collaboration with Gary Maguire will be released on Fraction Records on the 11th May. I have some new original productions that are near completion so they will be surfacing very soon.

Technoclub: You started Inertia with John O Callaghan many years ago. What was your fondest memory in the studio with John producing “The Emerald” in 2004?

Neal Scarborough: When we first made “The Emerald” it was a completely different version to the one that got released. Back then we were still just developing our sound so it was all a learning process. A few months after completing the first version we decided to go back and remake it incorporating the new sound and techniques we had learned in the meantime. The track just came together perfectly and it sounded great at the time. So I guess you could say that the remaking of “The Emerald” was my fondest memory.

Technoclub: How would a Neal Scarborough/Talla 2XLC production sound like?

Neal Scarborough: That is a difficult question to answer as you can never predict what a first collaboration will sound like as it is two people putting their ideas together for the first time.

Technoclub: What is your favorite Talla 2XLC record and why?

Neal Scarborough: My favorite Talla record is without a doubt “No In Between”. I just love that vocal. It gets me everytime. A brilliant record.

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