Claudia Cazacu is the probably hottest trance DJane around. But she does not only know how to catch the looks with her sexy outfits, her fabulous productions such as “Freefalling” (feat. Audrey Gallagher), “Lekker” or “Glamour” got huge reactions from the clubbers. Even Armin van Buuren noticed her and signed her to Armada.

At her own label “Couture” Claudia releases a new, fresh sound that we can also listen to during her DJ sets.

On Friday, January 15th, she visits Technoclub in Frankfurt.

Interview: Miles Schmidt-Scheuber / René Schwarz
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Claudia Cazacu

Technoclub: You are making your debut in Technoclub in January 2010. How excited are you about playing in Frankfurt, Germany?

Claudia: I played last year in Hamburg and loved the crowd so I am really excited to get back to the German crowd. They really know their music and how to have a good time.

Technoclub: What do you know about the Technoclub? Does it have a known name in the UK?

Claudia: I know it’s been open since 1984 and it’s been on my wish list so I am very glad to have my debut here now. Talla has a great name in the UK and I am really excited to be playing at his house.

Technoclub: How long have you known about Talla 2XLC? Do you remember the first time that you heard his name or one of his tracks?

Claudia: I think I probably first picked up on his remixes for labels like Bonzai in the early days, but the biggest track for me would be “Can You Feel The Silence”, it still sounds great today. These days, I am playing his tracks in my sets and radio show, one of my favourites of the moment is his track feat. Skysurfer, “Terra Australis”.

Technoclub: What can we expect from your DJ set in the Technoclub? Will it be a night of Tech Trance or will we hear many other styles of you?

Claudia: It will probably be an all new Claudia Cazacu tracks set, as I have finished so many tracks lately ready to be released. It will have a bit of everything, from techy to the usual uplifting trance and tech trance for the end.

Technoclub: How did you get your foot into the UK dance scene?

Claudia: I’ve always loved music and when I moved to the UK 12 years ago, I was introduced to a new world, the dance music world, and I fell in love with it straight away. I had my first set at the decks 5 years ago and started producing around 4 years ago. It’s the best job in the world.

Technoclub: Who were your early early musical influences before the likes of Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and Paul Van Dyk had a big name?

Claudia: Actually, I didn’t really know dance music before I moved to the UK, it didn’t exist in Romania back then. I was actually quite a big fan of Michael Jackson when I was growing up and managed to see him live in Bucharest. The big stage production is kind of similar to what the superstar DJs have now.

Technoclub: If you could say one sentence about Paul van Dyk, Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren about why you like them, what would you say?

Claudia: It’s the atmosphere they create bringing euphoria and unity to the crowd.

Technoclub: Were you a DJ or producer first and how did you get your first break?

Claudia: I’ve started as a DJ and production followed very shortly. My first ever gig was 4 years ago in Amsterdam, for Queensday. I just got my new 27” Imac for my home studio and every spare is spent working on ideas for new tracks.

Technoclub: You are a sexy and very good looking DJane. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a good looking DJane?

Claudia: Thank you. I am always asked this question and find it a little strange. This is my job, I guess to other people being a female in this industry is perhaps something out of the ordinary.

Technoclub: What was the most crazy experience that you had while spinning music?

Claudia: I had a girl in Ireland begging me to give her my headphones as a souvenir. Headphones are expensive, if I gave them away after every set, I would be broke.

Technoclub: You are also a producer and have your own label Couture that has 36 releases. What is your goal with the label and what do you still want to achieve with the label?

Claudia: It’s actually on the 61st release right now. I started the label so I can have the freedom of releasing different styles which I would play in my sets and to be more involved in the music process. I am the kind of person that likes to learn and be involved in every aspect of what I do.

Technoclub: How much do your DJ sets and sound influence what you create in the studio?

Claudia: I write my tracks specifically with events, emotions or DJs in mind. “Freefalling” for instance was written for Armin to play at big arena festival events. I always picture myself at the event, time of the night with a DJ playing and try to create what I would want to hear at that time.

Technoclub: Congrats on the success with “Freefalling” feat. Audrey Gallagher. Did you think as you finished it that it would become as huge as it did?

Claudia: Audrey’s voice makes the track so much bigger, she has the voice of an angel. I’m really pleased with how well the track has done but now have to work even harder to write tracks to follow this.

Technoclub: What was it like working with Audrey Gallagher in the studio and what was the most difficult thing in getting “Freefalling” perfect in the studio?

Claudia: Audrey and I actually never met until after the track was complete. Files were sent back and forth between us as she recorded the vocals in her studio in Ireland. Her vocals are so good, they are really easy to work with. We will be working on new tracks to be released this year so watch this space.

Technoclub: What new releases can we expect from you in the future?

Claudia: I have almost 9 tracks finished ready to be released in 2010 and I am constantly in the studio working on new tracks, so watch out cause it will be a lot coming from me this year.

Technoclub: What are your five alltime favorite tracks?

Claudia: 1. Bedrock – “Heavent Scent”, 2. Armin van Buuren – “This World Is Watching Me”, 3. Veracocha – “Carte Blanche”, 4. Energy 52 – “Café Del Mar”, 5. Armin van Buuren – “Control Freak (Sander van Doorn Rmx)”

Technoclub: What are your hobbies?

Claudia: Gym, traveling and watching “Friends” in my pyjamas on my sofa, while having my Chinese. 😉

Technoclub: What three things would you take on a deserted island?

Claudia: My parfume, my swimsuit and my eyepatch because it has to be pitch black so I can sleep.

Technoclub: Thanks Claudia for the chat and we are looking forward to seeing you at Technoclub soon.

Claudia: Thanks. Catch you on the dancefloor.

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