Estiva – 7 hot questions

Estiva is one of the hottest young DJs and producers from the Netherlands. He already did some great remixes for acts like Daniel Kandi or Carl B., and his own productions on Enhanced Rec. are also rocking the playlists of all big DJs. Before he will make his debut at Germany’s biggest and most loved open air festival “Nature One”, he will perform a very special set at Technoclub. Before that, we asked him 7 hot questions.

Interview: Miles Schmidt-Scheuber / René Schwarz

Technoclub: This is your first time playing at Technoclub Frankfurt. What do you know about this legendary club and how excited are you to be playing here?

Estiva: The fact that Talla started with working out the idea when I wasn’t even born proves its continuous contribution to the EDM scene. Also I have great respect to the man himself for being so dedicated on what he has done in the past and still does these days. To be invited by him and becoming a part of ‘his’ world is a big honour. I want the people to remember me so I’m ready to rock!

Technoclub: Technoclub was started by Talla 2XLC in 1984. When was the first time you remember hearing about him and what makes him so unique to the EDM scene?

Estiva: The first time I heard of him was when I bought a compilation CD called ‘Bitte Ein Beat’ which had a Talla 2XLC production on it! The fact that he’s been out there in the scene for such a long time deserves respect and shows his love for the music comes in the first place.

Technoclub: What can we expect from your DJ set? Will we hear mainly new material or also some old Estiva classics?

Estiva: My sets are usually very melodic and emotional because that’s where my heart lies. There will be exclusive material as well as classic material in my set.

Technoclub: What Estiva productions can we expect in the future?

Estiva: I will continue with the usual Estiva stuff. The core of my productions probably will always be the same: melodic. But I think there are many ways the get the same melodic effect. For instance ‘I Feel Fine’, ‘Les Fleurs’ and ‘Friends & Enemies’ are all different to eachother, yet they’re all filled with emotion. At the moment I’m working hard to get the new release finished!

Technoclub: “November Lovely” which you produced with Joe Garrett a.k.a. Temple One is very lovely. How difficult was it to produce this track and how long will it take until Joe Garrett becomes one of the leading producers in trance?

Estiva: Thank you! It wasn’t difficult at all actually. We just shared some idea’s in MIDI and eventually we decided to use one. I made my mixes and he made his seperately and the job was done! So basically there was one idea and two approaches, Joe’s and mine.

Technoclub: How would a Estiva/Talla 2XLC production sound like?

Estiva: I think if we put our forces together the result will be something which has the power and energy of Talla and the harmonies of Estiva. A peaceful breakdown and an overwhelming climax is what I hear in my head!

Technoclub: What is your favorite Talla 2XLC record and why?

Estiva: I always find it very hard to answers question like these because I feel like I have different favourites at different parts in my life. Though there’s one record that always comes up when I think of Talla 2XLC and that’s “Shine”. The piano melody in that specific track really appeals to me and somehow it always makes me feel good when I hear it! The energy in the track fits my idea of Talla perfectly!

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