Daniel Kandi is without doubt the hottest trance ambassador from Denmark. His productions released by the world famous Anjunabeats label are already legendary and so are his fantastic remixes. Kandi is one of those guys who will send you on a very uplifting and melodic trip. He has rocked so many big clubnights and events so far, as for example The Gallery at Ministry Of Sound, London, the Mondaybar Cruise in Sweden, Trance Energy in Holland or Armin van Buuren’s “A State Of Trance 450”-party. Now he is making his debut at Technoclub, so it was time to ask him 7 hot questions…

(Interview: Miles Schmidt-Scheube / René Schwarz)

Technoclub: How excited are you in making your debut at the Technoclub?

Daniel Kandi: I’m very excited! It’s a legendary intimate thing going on at this party!

Technoclub: What is your impression of Talla 2XLC and when did you hear about him for first time?

Daniel Kandi: Probably heard a track from him around year 2000, and a nice funny bloke to talk to!

Technoclub: What is your favorite Talla 2XLC track and how would a Talla/Daniel Kandi production sound like?

Daniel Kandi: Some of the best is “Carry Me”, “Nightshift” and “No Inbetween”. Tough to say how our work would sound together! … But probably a bit more rough than all the stuff I make. Less cute, more nasty!

Technoclub: What can we expect from your DJ set at Technoclub? Might you play some of your classic tracks like “Breathe”?

Daniel Kandi: Both new stuff and classics. All I can say is SHOW UP!

Technoclub: You have some new tracks coming out on Anjunabeats Vol. 8, “Pieces Of Me” and “Forgive Me”. What can we await from these tracks?

Daniel Kandi: Polished good clean uplifting and a beachvibe for one of the tracks!

Technoclub: I heard a snipet of “Forgive Me”. It is a very melodic and beautiful track. what was the most difficult thing in getting this track perfect?

Daniel Kandi: The lead took a bit of sorting out. Couldn’t quite place it, but now I’m happy with it!

Technoclub: What would a Daniel Kandi production of “Breathe 2010” sound like?

Daniel Kandi: Would be 2 mixes, a slower more mellow progthing, and a banging mix!

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